About Us

The in Sweden developed Nordgröna Reindeer Moss panel is an high-class acoustic absorber which doubles as interior decoration. The Reindeer Moss, harvested in northern Scandinavia, is available in various colors, and requires no maintenance.

Nordgröna was started by Carl-Oscar Pressfeldt and Joris and Sander Oudendijk in Lund, Sweden, in 2014. Nordgröna was initially created as part of a university project at Lund University.

From starting out in the founder’s apartment, and doing first market research by walking around Lund city center carrying the first prototype in our hands, Nordgröna has now grown to become the major supplier of Reindeer Moss products in the furniture industry.

Nordgröna Team


Carl-Oscar Pressfeldt
Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales

Sander Oudendijk
Co-Founder, Product Engineering

Joris Oudendijk
Co-Founder, Business Development


Delphine Bard
Associate Professor in Acoustics at Lund University
Delphine Bard on LinkedIn