About Us

Nordgröna was started in 2014 at Lund University. While still being students, the twin brothers, Joris & Sander Oudendijk, and Oscar Pressfeldt together set out to create an innovative new product.

Together with the Faculty of Engineering, the founders developed a product made from natural Scandinavian Reindeer Moss. The product utilizes the inherent qualities of Reindeer Moss to filtrate air, absorb soundwaves, and look naturally aesthetic - all while remaining easy to install and maintenance-free.

The first Reindeer Moss product was created in 2014 and installed at a local coffeehouse in Lund. Since then, customers of Nordgröna haveincluded BMW, Deloitte, Scania, NCC, Microsoft, IKEA, and more.

In 2016, Nordgröna was awarded the prestigious SKAPA ”Future Innovator” award.